We’re the original 'orange' knee guard

The ‘Orange’ knee guard was first developed in Germany to help German miners protect their knees from the harsh mining environment. It was then introduced to South Africa in 1983, where Specialised Belting became the sole manufacturer of the iconic brand locally.

In our 38 years, we've provided our KneeLok's to all corners of the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and northern African countries.

We're well known for our quality, strength and durability in tough underground mining conditions. In fact, the courageous South African Proto teams, who risk life and limb to save trapped miners, have used our product extensively in the past.

We aim to expand this product, support the local industry and create jobs to help with the unemployment rate in South Africa.

No effort will be spared in having the finest product. Backed by good service, expect only the best from us!

We trust that we can gain and grow support from all facets of the South African industry. With their support, we can grow our footprint locally and internationally and contribute to bolstering our economy.

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